Long Term Care insurance claim filing and management services.

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You want to spend more time with your family, not hassling with phone calls and data collection. Schedule a call with Terry today for your FREE consult and learn how you can successfully file your Long Term Care insurance claim!


Why Work With ClaimJockey

You want to spend time being a family, not boggled down with phone calls and paperwork. Let us take that burden off your shoulders and give you the ClaimJockey Game Plan.

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Stress Relief for Families

We want you to enjoy your family, not be buried under paperwork. We have the time and the team to have success with your claim so you can do what you love most in life.

Expert Staff

ClaimJockey was formed by individuals from the LTCi industry based off personal experiences in their own struggles with claim filing. Let their experience be your advantage to navigate your claim filing process.

Access Your Additional Benefits

You deserve the benefits of the Long Term Care policy you've been paying for. We would like to give you tips for success, and be able to access more of your policy through backfiling.

Ongoing Monthly Management

If you decide you would rather hand your claim over to a team that will be in your corner and act like only a supportive family would, we also offer monthly management services. Schedule your call today!


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  • Professional Elderly Care

    “…despite my feelings that I should be able to handle this myself, I sought relief from the stress and anxiety around dealing with my Mother’s Alzheimer condition. Once I hired ClaimJockey and started dealing with their very professional staff, I began to notice a huge change in my overall outlook on the care of Mom.”

  • Professional Elderly Care

    “Several of my clients have used ClaimJockey’s services – some have signed up for ongoing assistance enabling ClaimJockey to continuously make sure their claim is kept open. Knowing, let’s say, there’s maybe a $7,000 a month waiting to be used inside the policy and not being able to get at it quickly is aggravating and frustrating. ClaimJockey can help bridge that gap.”

  • Professional Elderly Care

    “My parents are 86 & 88...I am now responsible for all their medical & financial needs...One [being] filing for their long term care insurance. They have been there to assure & guide me with countless phone calls & emails. They feel like family to me & helped to relieve much of my stress.”